Kathyalla Ithu Jeevitham

'I want my family life back'

Petitioner: Vinod, Thrissur.

What Vinod has to say:

"A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person." With all hopes failed, Vinod Menon a native of Thrissur and the petitioner in this case of Kathayalla Ithu Jeevitham has gone in search of a better life more than once, but each time he failed. There is no loneliness like that of a failed marriage and in order to bring a ray of hope to his dimmed life, he has approached this adalat seeking help to join together his married life which is torn apart.

Vinod register- married Veena against the wishes of their parents and later the two families gave consent to their children's decision. After the marriage, Vinod started a vehicle servicing station in his mother-in-law's property and things gone well for some time. Even after the marriage, Veena's father kept a distance from his son-in-law and tried to separate Veena from her husband. She always wanted to stay in her house and compelled Vinod to do so. When opposed, she took their child away from him. These family problems made him a drunkard and he even tried to commit suicide.

Vinod separated himself from his first wife and went to Dubai. During the course of his journeys, he got acquainted with an air-hostess named Subha and their relationship grew until she left him cheating his money, when he sold his ancestral home off.

Later, Vinod took a job as a music academy co-ordinator and there he met up with Varalakshmi. Their relationship ended up in their marriage but fate didn't allow him to live happily. Problems arose in this time too and the couple is now living apart.


Varalakshmi's version of the story:

Varalakshmi says that their marriage was against the wishes of her relations and accuses Vinod of cheating her by hiding his real age and matter of previous marriage. His drinking made their life a mess and he created problems even after she left him for her home. He made suicide attempts and her family somehow saved him from all those things. She suspects that Vinod is concealing something from her and not ready to open his mind. She says that it would be difficult for her to live with such a man who tortured her mentally very much.

Report from our investigation team:

Vinod wants to have a peaceful life with Varalakshmi and his mother wishes that too. Our team went in search of Subha, but failed to find her out. Her relations have no idea of her whereabouts. Even though Varalakshmi says that she doesn't want to have a life with Vinod anymore, it might be possible to convince her and help the couple rebuild their life through this adalat.

Will Vinod's problems be solved in this adalat?

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Kathayalla Ithu Jeevitham malayalam
Kathayalla Ithu Jeevitham
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Kathayalla Ithu Jeevitham
Kathayalla Ithu Jeevitham
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