Kathyalla Ithu Jeevitham

A Story of Love and Betrayal

"True love is rare, and it's the only thing that gives life real meaning." In this case we see a woman who has failed in her search for true love. Sulfia, a Muslim girl eloped with his lover Arun Das, a Hindu, after 2 ½ years of their love-life. She had to struggle a lot to hinder the marriage proposals for her and when her marriage with her uncle's son was fixed, she immediately informed the matter to Arun and he asked her to leave her parents and go with him. The couple got married at Guruvayoor temple and Sulfia had been compelled to become a Hindu, with a new name- Shewtha.

The couple started to live in Arun's house and after sometime he got transferred to Hyderabad and both went there. When she became pregnant, her husband and family compelled her for abortion not only once, but twice. The couple returned home and torturing continued over dowry. Problems also escalated when Shewtha questioned Arun on the issue of a photograph which shows him with another woman. In the mean time, she became pregnant for the third time and compulsion for abortion continued from his part. They started living in a rented house, but physical and mental torture became unbearable for her. One day, Arun left her and didn't return.

Report from our team:

All our attempts failed to trace Arun Das and even his parents don't know his whereabouts. But, it seems that they are hiding something. The condition of Shewtha, who is pregnant, is very pathetic as she now stays with one of her acquaintances.

Some says that the very essence of romance is uncertainty. Shewtha, who now lives a life of uncertainty is a very good example of this.

Will Arun return to welcome Shewtha back to his life?

What will be the future of this poor woman?

Watch the new episodes of Kathayalla Ithu Jeevitham to know more about the story…

Kathayalla Ithu Jeevitham malayalam
Kathayalla Ithu Jeevitham
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Kathayalla Ithu Jeevitham
Kathayalla Ithu Jeevitham
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